Corporate Profiles


Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the collective voice of the UK profession.

Strategic Goal

Our strategic goal is for the CCAB to provide a forum whereby its member bodies can meet and act collectively on behalf of the accountancy profession in the UK to promote the public interest on matters within the sphere of the profession and its members.

Strategic Objectives

CCAB has four strategic objectives:

  • Current and Emerging Issues
    Providing a forum for considering current and emerging issues and agreeing joint approaches to the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), government and other authorities, both national and international, on behalf of the UK profession and, in particular, where significant public interest issues are at stake.

  • Maintaining Identity
    Maintaining and developing CCAB’s identity as the collective voice of the UK profession.

  • Representing Views to International Standard Setters, Regulators and Other Bodies
    Providing a mechanism for influencing the global profession by representing the views of the UK profession to international standard setters, regulators and other bodies; including the making of nominations to international organisations.

  • Joint Approaches
    Facilitating joint project based thought leadership, technical work and research on behalf of the UK profession, where this enhances the ‘collective voice’ and adds value for the bodies.