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CCAB - Accountants for Growth

CCAB's core purpose is to promote sustainable growth in the UK economy through the UK accountancy profession.

CCAB has five members - ICAEW, ACCA, CIPFA, ICAS and Chartered Accountants Ireland - and provides a forum for the bodies to work together collectively in the public interest on matters affecting the profession and the wider economy. The accountancy profession forms a central part of the professional and business services sector which contributes £166 billion to the economy each year (15% of UK GDP).

Professionally qualified accountants have a key role to play in the economy with over 240,000 accountants employed in the UK. CCAB's credibility stems from its insight into all areas of finance and accounting, from finance director and audit partner to management accountants, professional advisers, public sector finance leaders and entrepreneurs. CCAB's members work through the financial value chain in all sectors as key decision makers and business leaders within the UK and around the world.

Choosing an Accountant or Tax adviser

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